Howard Gewirtz

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In near-future Los Angeles, a city cracking with tension, Neo-Nazies, and a nasty gang of unemployed salesgirls, the daughter of a troubled movie queen is kidnapped by a mentally unbalanced cult leader who's convinced his Millennial followers that they're superstars in what he calls 'Dynamic Potential World Time.'
Brooklyn's choice is
simple-- join or die.

"Zany, off-the-wall and Wonderful...
A bizarre, genius, unique Hollywood novel. I don't know of anything quite like it. Gewirtz weaves an intricate story that gains momentum as it unravels (last half is an express train) with a memorable cast of characters." -- Amazon Reviewer


“What an excellent read for psychological thriller fans who are also curious about what goes on behind the beautiful faces and places, the glitz, gloom, and glamour of Hollywood… Readers follow Brooklyn’s thoughts and movements with increasing tension, and when she comes face to face with the real monsters of her childhood, she can barely breathe, and neither can we!… The complex plot is thoroughly engaging and full of twists.”
-- Reader's Favorite Book Reviews*****

"Gewirtz writes with an enjoyable poison-pen tone... “…an engrossing story with a dizzying array of complicated plot lines, many of which speak to timely topics like ageism, cancel culture, and even… the Coronavirus pandemic. It's a thrilling, engaging read that will keep readers in suspense until the last page."-- -----------IndieReader

"Fascinating descriptions of the machinations of the movie industry also come through... Ending on a note of grace, Don’t Kill Me Because I’m Beautiful is a dark thriller in which Hollywood’s beauty belies its true evil."
--Forward/Clarion Reviews

"Don't Kill Me Because I'm Beautiful is an intriguing story with an array of complicated plots and twists in a storyline that examines human behavior."
--Online Book Club

“The book is a page-turner, full of terrors and compassion, with the sense that some of the events happened or came damned near close to happening.” —Amazon Reviewer

"Every plot twist (and there are many) had me guessing -- and then surprised. Perfect, escapist entertainment…”— Amazon Customer“An array of fascinating, funny, and freaky characters. I highly recommend.” — Amazon Reviewer

About the Author

H. Gewirtz, a multiple Emmy Award and WGA Award nominee is best known for his work on The Simpsons, Everybody Hates Chris, The Larry Sanders Show, and many more. Gewirtz lives and works in L.A., the town that gets a merciless skewering in his debut thriller. His satiric take on the world was honed by years of writing TV comedy which is evident throughout DON’T KILL ME BECAUSE I’M BEAUTIFUL.